Apps to watch: Facebook 3.0, Wikipedia app

A couple of new iPhone apps that are worth checking out..Facebook 3.

A couple of new iPhone apps that are worth checking out..


Facebook 3.0 It has been submitted to the App Store and is pending approval and sports a completely re-designed interface and is sure to be a hit with the FB crowd. Pictured is the nine-panel "home screen" which is designed to mimic the UI of the iPhone's home screen.

App Advice got an early look at the Facebook 3.0 app and notes that the news feed now matches the Web-based version and that notes are editable. However Push Notification won't make the cut until 3.1. App Advice has further details including including an exhaustive changelog in the form of the "What's New" text as it will appear in the App Store.

It's not available yet, but keep your eye on the Facebook app page on the App Store or follow @AppAdvice on Twitter to be first on your block to get it.

Wikipedia Mobile Finally an official Wikipedia app you say? Not so fast. While expectations were high for the "official" Wikipedia app -- Wikipedia Mobile (free) -- the first effort is lacking polish and features. According to a review on Read Write Web it "isn't a very good application" and doesn't offer much more than the mobile Wikipedia Web site - which it's essentially a wrapper for.

If I'm going to install a Wikipedia app, I'd much rather have an offline reader like Encyclopedia $10 (which I reviewed in November 2008) that supports full offline viewing. It's tough to settle a bar bet when you don't have AT&T coverage in your area.