Asia millennials see robots in future workplace

All 4,200 respondents across six Asian markets, including Singapore and India, believe robots will replace humans in many future professions, especially in manufacturing and engineering.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Asia's millennials, aged 15 to 25, believe robots will pop up in many workplaces in future, particularly in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

All 4,200 respondents surveyed across six Asian markets agreed these artificial intelligent beings would replace humans in various future professions, with 44 percent in Malaysia and Bangladesh pointing to manufacturing and engineering as the most likely industries to see machines taking over. Another 41 percent in Myanmar agreed, as did 38 percent in Singapore and India, and 34 percent in Pakistan.

The findings were from Telenor Group's pilot "Jobs of The Future" study released Thursday, which targeted users of its Facebook page and on a sample size comprising 700 students from secondary schools or universities per market.

Across the region, 63 percent regarded mobile or internet technology as important in their career by 2020, with only 1 percent in Pakistan and 1.4 percent in Singapore and Bangladesh believing otherwise.

In Malaysia, 24 percent described mobile and web technology development and "super coding skills" as the most important skills to establish a sound career.

Few in the region, however, felt they had "mathematical prowess and advanced analytical skills", with the least in Myanmar at 13 percent, and India and Bangladesh at 14 percent each.

Furthermore, Singapore and Malaysia respondents were least likely to see themselves as "highly creative, intuitive thinkers" at 14 percent and 18 percent, respectively. In comparison, 30 percent in Myanmar and 24 percent in India believed likewise.

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