Here's what Samsung's latest budget phones may tell us about the Galaxy S9

Samsung just announced two new smartphones that could give us a peek at what the company will do with the Galaxy S9.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Samsung's Galaxy A8(2018) and A8+(2018) were announced on Tuesday and look a lot like 2017's Galaxy S8 smartphones.

The A8 line boasts Samsung's Infinity Display that stretches nearly edge-to-edge, Samsung Pay, Always-On Display, an IP68 rating for water resistance, and a 16-megapixel rear camera.

Both devices will be available in January 2018. Pricing for the A8 and A8+ wasn't announced.

What's most interesting about the two new devices is how they are different from the Galaxy S8. Specifically, the A8 and A8+ feature a new fingerprint sensor placement and two front-facing cameras.

As you may recall, one of the loudest complaints about the Galaxy S8 and Samsung moving the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the phone is the placement. By moving the fingerprint sensor near the camera lens, it was not only easy to accidentally smudge the camera, but using the sensor was a bit of a stretch.


With the A8, Samsung has moved the fingerprint sensor below the camera lens -- eliminating one of those complaints. It may still be easy to accidentally touch the camera lens, but at least the sensor is lower on the A8 and should be easier to access. It's not much of a stretch to anticipate Samsung extending the same sensor placement on the upcoming Galaxy S9.

Another new feature we have yet to see from Samsung making its debut on the A8 is a dual front-facing camera setup. Currently, the Galaxy Note 8 has two rear-facing cameras.

A dual camera setup allows users to take photos, or in the case of the A8 line -- selfies -- with Samsung's Live Focus feature. Live Focus uses both cameras to add a blurry effect, or bokeh, to the photo. The Galaxy S8 line has a single rear camera and a single front camera.

Is it possible we see two dual camera setups on the Galaxy S9? Perhaps. Though, that seems a bit like overkill.

Current rumors suggest we could see anything from a fingerprint sensor embedded into the display of Samsung's early 2018 flagship phones to a debut as early as February.

At the very least, moving the fingerprint sensor is a sign of Samsung listening to customer feedback and implementing changes.


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