AT&T loses bid to stop Verizon ads, responds with its own

After having its request to have Verizon's ads removed from the air denied in federal court, AT&T responds with a new TV ad comparing the two services.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

When Verizon Wireless aired a television commercial claiming it has fives times the amount of 3G coverage as “the nation’s number 2 wireless company” AT&T promptly filed suit and posted a rebuttal it “blatantly false and misleading.”

Yesterday a federal judge in Atlanta dealt AT&T a serious blow denied its request to have Verizon's "There's a map for that" ads pulled from the air.

So what's AT&T to do?

Why, respond with another TV commercial, naturally!

It features actor Luke Wilson saying that AT&T has "the nation's fastest 3G network, talk and surf at the same time, most poplar smartphones, and access to over 100,000 aps" all giving marks to AT&T, then lastly giving one mark to Verizon for "name that starts with the letter V".

AT&T shouldn't have bothered sparring with Verizon in the first place as it has only brought them more publicity and cost AT&T a ton of money in the long run. AT&T would have been better off spending the money they wasted answering VZW on improving their network infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on the new AT&T ad?

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