AT&T responds to Verizon Wireless ads

AT&T takes a public stand against Verizon ads touting "5X more 3G coverage" than AT&T. Verizon taunts back. Will it ever end? Not when the stakes are so high.

Last week AT&T filed suit against Verizon over its television commercial which declares that the VZW 3G network is superior to AT&T's.

In a second shot across Verizon's bow AT&T today posted a rebuttal calling VZW's ad "blatantly false and misleading."

Verizon has since increased its attack on AT&T with new TV ads which show an iPhone banished to the Island of Misfit Toys because of its lousy 3G coverage.

In terms of network, I have an unabashed bias toward Verizon because it's just better where I live. YMMV as the acronym goes. On the other hand I tolerate AT&T because I prefer the iPhone hardware and its catalog of apps. Now, give me an iPhone on Verizon, and I'm in heaven.

Where do you stand? Coke or Pepsi?