ATI plans all-in-one graphics card

ATI is getting ready to turn the screw on its graphics rivals with two new cards.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The most important will likely be the All-In-Wonder Pro, a PCI card that will be available in retail from January 1998, priced somewhere between £200-250. The card will have all the features of ATI's smash hit Rage Pro-based Expert@Play card including support for 8Mb RAM, plus new features such as TV tuner, Brooktree video decoder, and support for teletext and Intercast, the Intel-backed technology for receiving interactive information while watching televised programmes.

Before that, ATI will ship its DVD card with MPEG-2 hardware. The card will ship in Viglen's Home Pro line of PCs that will be co-branded by Microsoft and sold through Dixons.

Separately, ATI will release a dye-shrink of its 2D VT chip in the first quarter of 1998. The firm said there is still some demand in corporates for 2D-only solutions but added that this would be the last 2D-dedicated chip it makes.

"It's become just as cheap to make 3D/2D chips as 2D-only," said Norbert Kuperjans, technical marketing manager for ATI Europe.

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