Atlassian packages tools to help enterprises accelerate devOps adoption

Atlassian is introducing a pre-packaged suite of its data center offerings, a new devOps Marketplace and new content for building a devOps strategy.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Atlassian is tailoring its product offerings for enterprises adopting devOps.

The company on Tuesday introduced Atlassian Stack, a suite of Atlassian's data center offerings, as well as some server offerings, available to customers in one package deal. It's also rolling out the Atlassian DevOps Marketplace, a curated list of critical Atlassian integrations into the devOps tool chain. Lastly, Atlassian is releasing new content, such as the DevOps Team Playbook, to help companies build their own DevOps deployment strategy.

"We absolutely know that enterprises need as much innovation as startups do today," Bryan Rollins, head of Atlassian's server business, said to ZDNet. "We've always tried to, in some ways, democratize collaboration to make it accessible to everyone, so it not only works for small organizations but it scales for enterprises."

To that end, Atlassian's data center product line is built to meet enterprise customers' needs around high availability, performance at scale, flexibility, and control. The new Atlassian Stack "gives enterprises a standard platform they can roll out because obviously economies of scale is very important for them," Rollins said.

Already, among Atlassian customers with more than 500 users, over half use at least three Atlassian tools. The Stack, consequently, "has been a natural progression of customers saying, 'Hey, we want to adopt everything,'" Rollins said.

While the Stack provides a way to roll out a standard tool chain for devOps, the new devOps marketplace gives customers a way to build on that. Atlassian built it because "we know there's not one silver bullet to solve this challenging problem of collaboration across an entire software team and extending into operations teams," Rollins said.


The marketplace is a list of more than 200 add-ons and integrations, which sits on top of the already-existing Atlassian marketplace, which has more than 3,000 total add-ons. The devOps marketplace subset of add-ons includes AWS, Splunk, AppDynamics, and other popular tools.

Meanwhile, Atlassian is publishing new content that aims to help companies build a constructive DevOps culture and collaborative practices. "Tools are never enough" to solve problems, Rollins said.

DevOps Maturity Model is an interactive model to help customers assess where they are with respect to DevOps adoption. The Atlassian DevOps eBook is a technical review of best practices on how to do DevOps. Additionally, the Atlassian Team Playbook is a step-by-step guide to building high-performing teams.

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