Audible launches on Windows Phone, just in time for summer travel

The WP Marketplace surpassed the 100,000 app mark and more popular apps seem to appear daily. Today we see that the long awaited Audible app is now available to download and enjoy.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

It has been several years since I used Audible on my mobile devices, but after seeing on WPCentral that Audible is now available for WP I just downloaded it to my Nokia Lumia 900. I am going on a vacation soon so I plan to try listening to a book or two on my phone and know that there are a ton of people who have been asking for this application on Windows Phone.

Audible is the premier audiobook application and service for enjoying books on the go and I look forward to trying it on the plane and by the pool soon. The app is free and gives you access to over 100,000 titles. There are different ways to purchase audiobooks through Audible with a current offer of $7.49 per month for the first three months, $14.95 after, with the ability to cancel anytime you want. This gives you 1 credit, generally good for one book, each month and 30% off other book purchases. I just found the TWIT special offer too where you get two free Audible books if you sign up for the Platinum plan, billed at $22.95 for 2 credits after the first 30 days are up. If you want you can cancel at anytime too so why not try two free books?

Audible for Windows Phone was built from the ground up for WP with a slick Metro UI and is not a port from iOS or Android. Features such as chapter navigation, annotated bookmarks, sleep mode, and button-free mode are supported on WP.

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