Aussie users of MSN Messenger get idle chat

Microsoft’s online chat service MSN Messenger has been sitting idle all day due to a technical glitch, leaving Aussie users out of touch and ill-informed.

SYDNEY (ZDNet Australia)-- The MSN messenger service is experiencing a technical glitch relating to a routine maintenance upgrade performed by Microsoft in the US.

As a consequence, users have been unable to log on to the service all day, and on the odd occasion that there has been connection they have found their contact lists have gone astray.

“Microsoft is aware of the issue and are working quickly to resolve delays,” a spokesperson for NineMSN told ZDNet, “it’s not effecting everybody.”

“When maintenance is complete, the lists will be completely restored.”

The spokesperson says the glitch is a hardware issue.

Users in Australia were not informed of the maintenance upgrade to the service because this type of disruption to the service is not expected during upgrades, according to NineMSN.

The impact will be minimal in the US as it is a public holiday today–-July 4th Independence Day. Users in the Southern Hemisphere have been worse hit.

“We have been advised that it will be resolved in a matter of hours,” the spokesperson said.