Aust govt sets up new CERT

Australian government launches in-depth cybersecurity strategy, which includes establishment of a new Computer Emergency Response Team to rival existing AusCERT.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor on

Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland launched Monday an in-depth cybersecurity strategy for the nation, supported by a new Computer Emergency Response Team to rival the existing AusCERT.

The strategy sets down war plans for Australian spy and policing agencies to protect Australian Internet users in response to the 2008 E-Security Review.

"Our Cyber-Security Strategy details Australian government arrangements to defend economic institutions, critical infrastructure, government agencies, businesses and home users from cyberthreats," McClelland said in a statement.

The priorities as set out by McClelland were to better detect, analyze and protect against threats, especially around government and critical infrastructure; partner with business on security; use ICT best practice in government systems; educate Australians on threats--releasing a new identity theft booklet entitled Protecting your Identity; change the legal framework to be more effective at prosecuting cybercrime; and create a skilled "cybersecurity workforce".

McClelland also announced the creation of a new Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT Australia, which will start initial operations in January 2010 and be fully operational by July. It will contain a number of cybersecurity activities currently being undertaken by Australian government agencies, including the Australian Government Computer Emergency Readiness Team (GovCERT.au) within the Attorney-General's Department.

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