Barclays updates branch technology

Inks €8m deal with Getronics...

Inks €8m deal with Getronics...

Barclays is spending €8m to replace existing behind-the-counter technology in its branches with 7,000 new PCs.

The bank has chosen Getronics to roll out new branch counter position technology at more than 1,700 branches across the UK.

Frank Tudor, Barclays supplier relationship manager, told "The technology in the branch counter positions at the moment has served the bank well but it is coming to the end of its life. It's fairly clunky green screen technology."

He added: "We are replacing that with an infrastructure that's based on Dell PCs. Over the course of three years we've totally revolutionised the IT in the branches and this is the final phase."

In the 28-month project Getronics will oversee the implementation including user training, installation, logistics, business change management and third-party supplier management.

Kevin Robson, Barclays programme manager, said: "We needed a partner who would be able to help us facilitate business change."

He continued: "By entrusting the project to Getronics, we have been able to take a step back from the day-to-day branch delivery activities, allowing us to focus on our core strengths and most importantly, on our customers."

This new contract complements the two-year €34m contract awarded by Barclays to Getronics in August 2004, to provide maintenance and support for over 100,000 IT assets across its entire UK branch and head office network.

Recently Getronics also won a €200m deal with an international home improvement retailer.