Bargain Nugget: 2 modems for you sir...

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Blueberry modem pie please

Both PMC Electronics and Multi-Tech have announced a new range of USB modems. Multi-Tech's offering is aimed at Mac users, with the first in the range -- the MultiModem ZBA -- coming in that lovely iMac blueberry. Not just a pretty face, it offers online diagnostics, support for ITU V.90 and K56flex, async operation over dial-up and flash memory for software upgrades. Oh and it'll cost you £99.

PMC Electronics' Pace V90 Advantage is designed for PC or Mac (erm... the Mac version only supports iMac or G3 -- an attitude that owners of older Macs might find slightly galling). PMG says that its brand is the only one to support dual standard UK Calling Line Identification and BT Call Sign, which allocates an exiting number to your phone line to let you distinguish between different types of calls. Call Sign however is only compatible with the PC version (Oh the Macites are going to love that!) Like Multi-Tech's offering, the Pace Advantage is flash upgradeable. Available some time in July for the bargain price of £79 ex VAT.

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