Barnes & Noble's Nook: A dash of color, kid focus puts it back in e-reader game

Barnes & Noble's color Nook and focus on children's books is a nice strategic move in the e-reader race.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

It's fascinating how the big three e-reader players---Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble---are putting their own unique spin on the race.

Barnes & Noble appears to be set to launch its next-generation Nook, which according to Crave will be a $250 Android device with a color touchscreen. This Nook Color goes places that other e-readers haven't. Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Readers have black and white screens. Amazon has gone for fast page turns and store integration. Sony went for the touch screen hook and has global plans.

Now it's Barnes & Noble's turn to spin the e-reader needle. The Wall Street Journal reports that Barnes & Noble is going for the next-generation of readers. Barnes & Noble has run off and cut deal with a bevy of publishers of children's books. Think Dr. Seuss meets a color e-reader.

The collection of e-books for kids looks impressive at Nook Kids. And if the interface works well, Barnes & Noble can court parents, who happen to frequent the bookstores anyway.

It's unclear how the color Nook will do, but chances are good that it will do pretty well. Meanwhile, focusing on kids is a nice differentiating move. The e-reader players continue to surprise with their various twists on a commodity device.

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