Best video from 2008

Tech titans from both sides of the open/closed divide? The biggest science experiment in history? Scary robot spin-offs from The Lord of The Rings? ZDNet UK presents the best of its 2008 video content

2008 has been a exciting year in tech, and we've strived to show you what's been happening in as many ways as possible. Different stories require different ways of presentation, and most of the stories listed below could never have been demonstrated so effectively as they could via the medium of video.

From celebrity hackers to our own attempts at such naughty business; from Bletchley Park to creepy AI; from Ballmer to Torvalds — and let's not forget the unique, eternally pre-pub wonder that is Dialogue Box — 2008 has had it all, along with a spanking new video player in which to show it all off. Here's our pick of video content that has been shown on ZDNet UK this year.