Big Brother Files: The evictions start

D-Day has finally arrived for the first eviction nominations, and the household's results are already in

You heard it first on ZDNet -- the nominations for eviction on tonight's Big Bro will be Sada and Caroline.

The results revealed a clear divide of the sexes with both men and women almost unanimously voting against each other. Mel who has been gulity of crossing enemy lines into the boy's camp, was the only person to vote for a man and a woman to be evicted.

As Big Brother made the announcement last night at 6pm, one nominee is reported to have burst into tears, whilst the other put on a brave face and announced "It's completely cool. I'm happy about it and I don't want anything to change at all".

Events could hot up even more before Friday, with Sada's confession that she wants to be "number one"--"I would rather walk before Friday than stay and risk not being first one out". If the hippy chick walks, Big Brother will put in a replacement--a source close to Channel Four rumours that there is a hot number waiting in the wings!

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