BlackBerry KEY2 vs KEYone: Can you justify the $100 upgrade?

BlackBerry's new KEY2 will be available next week and it launches at a price $100 more than last year's KEYone. Are there enough improvements to justify this price increase?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The BlackBerry KEY2 offers several improvements over last year's KEYone and is a solid phone for enterprise users.

While the new KEY2 has an improved keyboard, it also launches at $650. This is $100 more than the KEYone from 2017 and there have been questions from readers about whether this $100 is justified. Taking a closer look at the tale of the tape and comparing specs of these two hardware QWERTY devices, we see the following:

Phone KEY2 KEYone
Display 4.5" 1620x1080 IPS LCD 4.5" 1620x1080 IPS LCD
Processor Snapdragon 660 Snapdragon 625
Rear camera(s) 12/12 MP telephoto One 12 MP
Front camera 8 MP 8 MP
RAM & storage 6GB/64GB or 128GB/microSD 3GB/32GB/microSD
Bluetooth 5.0 4.2
Battery capacity 3500 mAh 3505 mAh
Dimensions (mm) 151.4x71.8x8.5 149.3x72.5x9.4
Weight (grams) 168 180
US price $649 $549

The specs show that the KEY2 has a newer processor, two rear cameras, much more RAM and storage, and is 12 grams lighter than the KEYone. Beyond just the specs, check out seven reasons that the KEY2 is good for business.

The significantly improved amount of RAM, combined with the newer Snapdragon processor, mean the BlackBerry KEY2 is no slouch and can handle anything you throw at it. The dual camera, refined keyboard, and overall improved design also add to the KEY2 and given today's $900 to $1,000 flagships I think the $649 price is reasonable for this business-focused phone.

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