BlackBerry kicks off BBM for Windows Phone beta test program

BBM is available on BlackBerry, iOS, and Android and will soon be available on Windows Phone.

BlackBerry kicks off BBM for Windows Phone beta test program
Image: BlackBerry

I am enjoying my new Nokia Lumia 1520 , but can't stop my addiction and recently ordered a BlackBerry Z30. Until it arrives, it looks like I can now install BBM on my Windows Phone device to stay in touch with my few remaining BBM friends. With this release on Windows Phone, I am beginning to wonder if BBM will eventually become the messaging standard across all smartphone platforms.

We already have BBM for iOS and Android so it is great to see BlackBerry bringing the service to Windows Phone. It is not yet available as a public beta, but you can sign up in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and try to get in on testing the application that way. I don't yet have it on my Lumia 1520, but hope to soon.

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The current BBM for Windows Phone beta has a few limitations and they have stated more features will be coming as the application evolves and as people test it out. It looks like BlackBerry worked to give BBM the Windows Phone Metro UI feel, which is one of the reasons I like using Windows Phone as a platform.

BlackBerry stated they focused on Contacts, Chats, and Feeds with this current release. If they make it too attractive, maybe I won't need to pop my SIM into my new BlackBerry Z30.

Thanks to PhoneScoop for the heads-up on the BBM announcement.