Blog Hillary launches, Clinton targets gender 'User Generated Politics'

blog Hillary launches! let the conversations begin?
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Edition number 22 in this Digital Markets Blog presidential campaign 2008 series on what I am calling “User Generated Politics” 

blogHillary is live! a Hillary Clinton staffer declares in a “welcome” post.

The Clinton campaign has been soliciting guest “User Generated Politics” blog posts in preparation for the official launch of the Clinton campaign blog. 

The winner: “Special Guest” Kelly G. from South Carolina. Kelly describers herself as:

A first time voter in the 2008 elections, 28 years old and a female who supports a husband who serves in the United States Air Force.

Kelly G. repeatedly indicates her interest in a prospective "woman" President Clinton:

In my heart I want you, Hillary Clinton, to convince the better of me to vote for you in 2008. With so much talk of a "woman" President that is negative I can't help but think about why one could not lead this grand country? I guess I am questioning how you are going to achieve the Presidential status being a woman? I, along with others, need you to be clever and yet strong enough to win our votes. I would like to see more of your thoughts on how you would play on your being a woman President.

Additional “Special Guests”:1) Jeralyn Merritt, author of “TalkLeft,” The Online Magazine with Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news and 2) Ellen Malcolm, founder of “Emily’s List, A political network for pro-choice Democratic women.

Both Merritt and Malcolm emphasize Clinton’s gender in their guest posts at blogHillary.

MERRTT:It's so exciting to finally see a (fellow) woman run for President who has as good a chance of winning as any of the male candidates.

MALCOLM: While Washington wise men gravely speculate in self-reinforcing talk show appearances about America's "readiness" for a woman leader, we at Emily's List know that Hillary Clinton, as an advocate for our shared values and a fighter for the Democratic Party, became that leader long ago.

Hillary Clinton shares our vision for a free and prosperous America where little girls grow up without limits on their potential or restrictions on their dreams. She understands that every time a woman runs for office, whether for local representative or for president of the United States, that woman gives our daughters and sons the opportunity to value women as leaders, as role models, as powerful voices in the chorus of American democracy. 

In a year when she faced her own reelection effort, Hillary Clinton proved herself as a national leader for the Democratic Party, for women, and for all those who share our values by supporting women candidates fighting to get our country back on the right track.

The two additional posts at blogHillary to date are from campaign strategists discussing Clinton’s position on Iraq and her position in the polls.

Clinton may have proclaimed “let the conversation begin,” in her opening monologue announcing her run for president, but the conversation she has chosen to direct right out of the blogHillary gate is very gender and Clinton campaign strategy focused.

In “Social Media conversations: Talking or selling?” I put forth that every word uttered in Clinton’s online “conversations” with voters will be as scripted as her promotional stump speeches. It appears that her “User Generated Politics” blogging will be as well.

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