Bluefire Reader provides public library book access for iOS users

One area for improvement in reading ebooks on iOS devices has been the lack of support for public library books. The new Bluefire Reader looks to change all that with their free application.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I would not recommend an iPad just for ebook reading, but if you already have one like I do then you may find that reading books on it is a fantastic experience. I love that I can access and read my Kindle, Nook, and Kobo collections all on a single device. The one book source that you have been unable to use with the iPad or iOS devices has been public library books so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that a new free application called Bluefire Reader was released today that gives us this support. With the Bluefire Reader you can now access public library ebooks and books you purchased from Barnes & Noble, Borders, Sony, and more.

EPUB and PDF ebooks are supported through the Adobe Digital Editions DRM service that we use on devices like the NOOKcolor, Nook, and Sony Reader. I am going to download this on my iPad tonight and give it a try and with this support for my own EPUB books (DRM and non-DRM) it looks like my iPad will indeed by my primary ebook reading device.

Depending on how well the Bluefire Reader software works, it may replace my Kobo and Nook dedicated ereader applications as well. I will share my experiences with the application on this blog soon.

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