Bosses get e-business helping hand

The government has given its backing to a new guide that attempts to show chief executives how to get to grips with e-business

The government has given its backing to a e-business guide that aims to show UK bosses how they can benefit from Internet-based applications. The document, Succeeding in the Networked Economy: The CEO Framework for e-Business, claims to show how chief executives can use new technology within their organisations. It has been created by BuyIT, a not-for-profit body whose members include IT companies and institutions, and several government departments, and was launched at a Department of Trade and Industry event on Thursday. By supporting the guide, the government is trying to encourage UK companies to take e-business seriously, and to start implementing it. "We need the leadership within both small and large organisations to be confident that they are steering their people on a course that is appropriate and achievable," said Patricia Hewitt, secretary of state at the DTI. IBM and Oracle both contributed e-business advice to the guide, which identifies four key areas that corporate leaders must get to grips with. This includes using technology to build better relationships and to communicate better with employees, shareholders and partners, and changing the culture of a company through successful e-business practices. Douglas Alexander, minister for e-commerce and competitiveness, welcomed the "plain-speaking" guide. "This framework will help chief executives identify the key issues in understanding the e-Business landscape, and provides a basis from which they can derive an informed, initial e-strategy. The intent is to challenge thinking, and provoke action. The successful integration of "e" into businesses can only enhance the productivity and competitiveness of UK industry to the benefit and prosperity of us all," said Alexander. The e-business guide should be available for downloading from BuyIT's Web site,, from 11 April.

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