Brazilian telco watchdog stalls end of unlimited fixed broadband

After facing public outrage the agency has decided to delay the introduction of extra changes for the Internet services

The Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel has delayed the end of the provision of unlimited fixed broadband following a wave of user protests.

After the watchdog said it would allow operators to set limits to data consumption in fixed broadband services last week, Anatel faced the anger of millions of users across the country and had its website invaded by hacker collective Anonymous, as well as consumer rights associations.

Last week's decision was that companies would be able to introduce the new plans 90 days after they demonstrate to the regulator that consumers will be provided tools to monitor their own data consumption.

According to Anatel, the decision to let service providers introduce the data limits has now been stalled due to the several complaints that were received, and will remain on hold until the proposals for the new plans have been submitted by operators and analyzed by the watchdog.