Brit hackers release new multimedia e-zine

Underground chronicle Anti-Social Magazine goes electronic, complete with prizes of SuSE Linux and cans of beer

UK underground hacking group Hack-Net has taken the wraps off a funky new interface for reading Anti-Social magazine, an irreverent account of the British underground scene.

The executable program, written in 32-bit assembly code, allows dat files containing news and feature articles by the folks at Hack-Net to be read in a new space-age and easy to navigate graphical environment.

The program also makes it possible for fans of the magazine to enjoy news of the latest hacking exploits to the accompaniment of happy hardcore and speed garage, if they're feeling in a particularly anarchic mood.

The first edition of Anti-Social, released on New Year's Day, includes a competition to win copies of SuSE Linux and cans of beer.

Armageddon, editor of Anti-Social magazine believes this tool sets his magazine apart from the rest of the pack saying: "It is nothing less then the best viewer the hacking/underground scene has ever had from an e-zine. No other underground e-zine offers the above features in their viewer, in fact 99 percent of the other e-zines are just compilations of text files."

To have a look at Anti-Social magazine and download the new viewer visit the Hack-Net Web site.

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