BT looks to future with access division

BT is ready to unveil the name and logo of a new division that will handle access to its network

Ofcom is set to endorse BT’s decision to restructure its network operations, putting an end — at least for now — to the question of breaking the company up.

The communications regulator will give an update on the progress of its strategic review of the UK’s telecommunications market on Thursday morning. This investigation focused on BT’s powerful position in the market, examining claims that rival operators don’t get equal access to BT’s network.

Faced with the threat of break-up, BT offered to create a new company, provisionally called the ‘access services division’. Ofcom gave its broad support to this move back in June, and is expected to formalise this position on Thursday.

It appears that BT is confident that Ofcom’s announcement won’t contain any shocks, as it is planning to announce the new name and logo for the access services division on Thursday morning, as well as naming the unit’s top executive.

As well as ensuring that other companies have fair access to BT’s local network, this division will also handle network management issues such as broadband installation.

BT, though, wasn’t speculating on Ofcom’s plans. "We don’t have any details about what they’re going to announce," said a BT spokesperson on Wednesday.