BT Openworld cuts business broadband prices

The ISP has waived set-up fees and equipment costs for business-oriented ADSL to catch the attention of cash-strapped companies

In the latest in a series of broadband announcements, BT Openworld on Thursday slashed the cost of ADSL installation for UK businesses.

The ISP is waiving the initial set-up fees and equipment costs for its self-install Plug & Go product. This means free activation, free ADSL modem and ADSL filters -- a savings of £150.

In addition, businesses signing up to BT Openworld's engineer-installed Broadband PLUS products could receive £130 cashback.

Businesses subscribing to BT Openworld's "Activation Only" service can also have the activation fee and cost of the ADSL filters refunded, a savings of £85.

The cashback promotions are valid for any organisation that purchases one of BT Openworld's Business 500PLUS, 1000PLUS and 2000PLUS products in conjunction with the BT Openworld Internet Business Pack4.

Tony Harris, president, Business Internet Services at BT Openworld, said that BT made the price-cutting move in order to tempt increasingly cash-strapped businesses. "The present economic downturn is forcing businesses of all sizes to take a more prudent approach to cost control," he said in a statement. "These promotions make it easier for businesses to invest in broadband thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs -- two key objectives for any business given the current business climate."

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