BT to block access to child pornography sites

A 'step in the right direction', says the telco

A 'step in the right direction', says the telco

BT has announced it is trialling technology that will prevent any of its customers accessing sites displaying images of child pornography.

The scheme will start testing in a few weeks and will ban BT's internet customers from accessing sites that feature on the Internet Watch Foundation's blacklist. Anyone who tries to visit sites on the list will be greeted by an error message.

The scheme, named Cleanfeed, is being introduced with the support and backing of the Home Office, BT said.

BT is the first ISP to start actively blocking access to sites that display such illegal images. The telco is in discussions with other ISPs who are interested in using the technology.

The problem of taking action against child pornography has long taxed UK ISPs –most sites with such content are hosted outside the country and therefore out of their jurisdiction. The sites can't be removed from the internet without extensive and time-consuming international police co-operation and investigation.

The BT scheme is hopes that by looking at the problem from the other end of the telescope, the company can "take a step in the right direction" towards tackling it.