Buff Labs: Shock absorbing film provides serious phone protection

Buff Labs introduces a super thin film that gives phone protection where it counts.

More often than not, innovation comes from trying to fill a hole-- finding that there is a need for something that doesn't currently exist, or if it does exist, something that works better. A lot of design innovation these days is tech-centered, whether its achieved using new technology, made to compliment it, or both.

A place where tech and design often intersect are smartphones-- most cell phone users use one, in one form or another. They're great, but they are expensive, and fragile. We go to great lengths to protect them, and still somehow end up with that fluke shattered screen.

A company called Buff Labs, in an attempt to answer the call of cracked screens, has developed a thin, transparent film that adheres to the front of the phone and can provide a ridiculous amount of protection.

The company is keeping the ingredients of this wonder product under wraps, mentioning briefly that the film is made of a four-layer blend, and that the adhesive end is silicone-based.

As mentioned on Core77, there's no word as to how to get this film as of now, or where Buff is based. We also hope this cool material makes its way to the market, because we sure could use it.

Click here for another video of the shock absorption test.

[Core 77]
Image/Video: Buff

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