Bulldog launches pay-as-you-go 8Mbps broadband

Customers can get ultra-high-speed broadband for 3p per minute, providing the service is working...

Bulldog has taken inspiration from the dark days of dial-up with its latest broadband offering — pay-as-you-go broadband.

The package will give consumers 8Mbps access for 3p per minute with no line rental.

While BT has trialled a per-minute scheme and smaller ISPs have launched similar price plans, Bulldog is the first major UK ISP to launch such a product commercially.

The move comes in the wake of customer service woes, leading to an Ofcom investigation and major marketing push for the ISP.

Analysts have recently been predicting the entry of pay-as-you-go broadband into the UK market to cater for the light user segment — especially as prices are dropping for operators.

This week also saw BT announce it's cutting its local-loop unbundling (LLU) prices by 40 percent, as part of its strategy to stimulate competition and avoid Ofcom intervention.