Bulldog unleashes faster broadband

Reports of the death of local-loop unbundling may have been exaggerated, as Bulldog rolls out a 4Mbps service

UK telco Bulldog has widened its range of unbundled broadband products by launching a consumer ADSL service that gives 4 megabits per second (Mbps) surfing at off-peak hours.

Primetime 4000 will cost £79.99 per month and will only be available in central London -- where Bulldog offers its services from 35 local telephone exchanges.

It will offer 4Mbps downloading during weekends, bank holidays, and between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. on weekdays. During other times, it will drop to 512Kbps -- although Bulldog is promising that anyone who signs up for a Primetime product during February will get the higher speed at all times until the end of June.

Bulldog launched Primetime 1000 and Primetime 2000 back in December 2002, and as ZDNet UK reported earlier this week the company is happy with early sales of these products.

Bulldog said on Wednesday that Primetime 4000 is aimed at customers who want to be able to download email, video, music, and other large files extremely quickly, as well as online gamers.

Bulldog chief executive Richard Greco said the Primetime range shows the benefits of local-loop unbundling, where a telco competes with the incumbent operator -- BT, in the UK -- by offering rival wholesale products.

"Bulldog is focused on the delivery of a wide range of innovative, high-performance broadband products and services. Through the successful implementation of local-loop unbundling in a competitive marketplace, the consumer can benefit from unique, differentiated product offerings like those Bulldog is introducing today," said Greco in a statement.

Bulldog will give two months' free rental to anyone who signs up for Primetime 1000 and Primetime 2000 during February, and has cut the activation fee from £99 to £49, as well as dropping the monthly charge for Primetime 1000 from £34.99 to £29.99.

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