BuzzWord slowly rolling out beta invites

BuzzWord is starting to give out public invites to the service. That means you can go sign up, tell them what you want to use BuzzWord for, and you'll have a chance at getting in.

Buzzword Logo

BuzzWord, the Flex-based word processing application by Virtual Ubiquity that I covered here is starting to give out public beta invites to people that have signed up to try the application. The number of people being allowed in is still being kept small as the company scales the infrastructure and adds features like spell checking. You can head over to the BuzzWord site to request an invite. I was told that they're planning on looking at the use cases for the people that sign up and picking those that are the most interesting, so it won't be on first come, first serve basis.

I've been playing with BuzzWord for a while and I continue to be very impressed. The demos don't quite do it justice because it's far ahead of any other web based word processor out there. Nearly everyone who has seen it has been excited, and Tim O'Reilly wrote up a post about it soon after he saw the demo at Adobe's Engage event. BuzzWord could easily become one of the marquee Flex applications out there and be a tangible example of why Ajax isn't going to cut it going forward. If you get on the beta, I'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to drop me an email.