CA network tool can pick up human error

New version of CA Spectrum can correlate between network events and instances where the system administrator has made a mistake

The latest version of CA's network fault-management software is able to analyse human error and technical issues at the same time, the company announced on Monday.

Version r8.1 of CA Spectrum — a component of the company's Network and Voice Management product — is the first to combine network configuration "change awareness" with root-cause analysis. CA claims that this combination lets IT managers pinpoint the correlations between network events and instances of human error, reducing the time it takes to fix problems.

"Networks are becoming increasingly complex as businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on networked services," said Dan Holmes, CA's director of product management. "CA Spectrum's innovative fault-management capabilities are indispensable for organisations seeking to achieve competitive advantage by optimising the availability and performance of their network infrastructure."

The new version of CA Spectrum also introduces integration with CA's application-management software, Wily Introscope, and the company's converged network-management package, CA eHealth for Voice.