CA Technologies plugs into Amazon private cloud

CA Technologies has added support for Amazon Web Services' Amazon Virtual Private Cloud in the run-up to the release of its suite of cloud applications in October

CA Technologies has made seven of its services compatible with Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud.

The IT management-software company said on Thursday that a range of automation, monitoring and performance management technologies now plug into both Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

"Customers have been asking for this and recognise that management is a key requirement for their success of the use of any public cloud," Stephen Elliot, vice president of strategy for CA's virtualisation and automation unit, told ZDNet UK on Thursday. "Customers also recognise that management of VPC, and in general public clouds, reduce their business risk and accelerate the adoption of those services across the enterprise."

Customers can use the following CA Technologies with either EC2 or VPC: CA Virtual Automation; CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers; CA Spectrum Automation Manager; CA AutoSys Workload Automation; CA's Application Performance Management; CA NetQos Performance Centre; CA Insight Database Performance Manager; and the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution.

The customer motivation for moving to virtual, private cloud networks comes from "business and risk reduction", according to Elliot.

"Customers are demanding that they get the same level of management from cloud providers that they have internally; it's become a pre-requisite for sign-up," he said.

CA is set to release a suite of cloud management and analysis tools — part of the suite will be available in October, with the rest to follow in January 2011 — which are designed to allow organisations to integrate cloud-based IT resources into their internal infrastructure and then manage the two as a whole.