Calacanis new 'Robin Hood' of the Web?

“Every generation looks at Robin through its own filters and remakes him in its own fashion..."Is Jason Calacanis this Web generation’s “Robin Hood’?

“Every generation looks at Robin through its own filters and remakes him in its own fashion,” says Legends’ “The Robin Hood Pages.”

Is Jason Calacanis this Web generation’s “Robin Hood’?

According to Britan Express’ “Myths and Legends”:

The story of Robin Hood is so well known that it scarcely needs to be reviewed…The "facts ", at least one romantic version of them, are these. In the time of Richard the Lionheart a minor noble of Nottinghamshire, one Robin of Loxley, was outlawed for poaching deer. Now at that time the deer in a a royal forest belonged to the king, and killing one of the king's deer was therefore treason, and punishable by death.

So Robin took to the greenwood of Sherwood Forest, making a living by stealing from rich travellers and distributing the loot among the poor of the area. In the process he gained a band of followers and a spouse, Maid Marian

One thing to note about the early legends is that Robin Hood was not an aristocrat, as he was later portrayed, but a simple yeoman driven to a life of crime by the harsh rule of the law of the rich. As such, it is easy to see how his story soon became a favourite folk tale among the poor.

Recent posts:

“Paying the top DIGG/REDDIT/Flickr/Newsvine users (or "$1,000 a month for doing what you're already doing.")”

“Advice and an Offer for Amanda Congdon”

Calacanis’ “generous” public “recruitment” announcements may be welcomed by “poor” volunteer Social Web contributors as “Robin Hood” style sharing of wealth.

On the other hand, small Social Web start-ups at risk of losing the volunteer contributors they depend upon to generate their content, may view Calacanis’ public “recruitment” announcements as “Robin Hood” style poaching.


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