Caldera to release Project 42 public beta

The new version of OpenLinux comes with 2.4 Kernel, together with a set of network infrastructure servers

Caldera plans to release the first public beta of Project 42, the next version of its Linux distribution on 19 March, the company said Wednesday. The new version of its OpenLinux operating system is designed as an uncomplicated server for businesses.

The new OpenLinux server is based on the recently released 2.4 Linux kernel and comes with a secure Web server, a file and print server, and a set of network infrastructure servers.

Caldera describes Project 42 as the first of a range of "Unix integration" products. Last year the company acquired the longstanding Unix vendor SCO. "Because it supports Unix and Samba file and print servers, Project 42 can run either alone or on top of [the former SCO operating system] UnixWare," said Caldera in a statement.

Project 42 is part of Caldera's strategy to establish itself as a Linux distributor specialising in business solutions. It will be available from the Caldera Web site at:

More details to follow.

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