Can 'pilot as a service' make it easier to test new enterprise applications?

Running proof of concept and pilot projects is time consuming and costly. This service aims to help.


prooV CEO Toby Olshanetsky: "I had been thinking for some time that there must be an easier way of doing this."

Image: prooV

Most companies implementing a new application will run a proof of concept (PoC) early on in the process to see if the software will do what it promises.

This can be useful but also time consuming and tedious, as companies need to check all potential configurations and issues, and go over the same ground again and again trying to iron out bugs.

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prooV claims to make running PoCs easier by offering a testing environment running under a full cloud environment or on the enterprise's premise. The service allows companies to securely expose their testing and pilot environment to the cloud, making it easier to and faster to test new software.

According to the company, the PoC testing environment, "only takes minutes to set-up, and is flexible enough to accommodate several creation options. prooV's analysis aims to discovers data-structures, relations and interfaces within the enterprise's production system. It also automatically creates a simulated testing environment with pre-generated mock-up data".

prooV has recently reached the milestone of hosting 100 enterprises and over 500 startups and software vendors on its platform, the company said.

Its prooV 2.0 ecosystem aims to reduce the time and resources spent on finding, testing, and implementing software solutions and to solve many of the problems experienced by enterprises and vendors during this tedious process.

"I had spent the last 20 years coming up with new software and going through the proof of concept process," prooV's CEO Toby Olshanetsky told ZDNet. "I had been thinking for some time that there must be an easier way of doing this, some way of automating it that was easier to do and, most importantly, more reliable."

Over the six months of testing, the company has had a lot of takeup, Olshanetsky said, "especially in the financial sector".

Why there in particular? "The financial sector is the one sector that is being most disrupted by new developments," he said.

prooV says that a new "opportunity marketplace" will bring, "personalised, relevant opportunities to enterprises and startups based on previously noted preferences to make the process as effortless as possible".

prooV has offices in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv, and is backed by Mangrove Capital Partners and OurCrowd.

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