Can you trust iOS 15.0.1?

iOS 15 has gone from bad to great. But what awaits us in iOS 15.1?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

iOS 15 started out bad.

Really bad.

In fact, I'd put it up there as one of the worst releases. There were bugs galore, so much that they reflected badly on the iPhone 13, making my new smartphone feel rough, unfinished, and disappointing.

Not a great start.

But then came iOS 15.0.1, and this patched a whole lot of bugs.

And what a difference that made.

With one click of the upgrade button, a number of bugs were squashed within minutes, and I could once again unlock my iPhone using my Apple Watch when I was wearing a mask.

I'm not going to lie to you though, some bugs do remain. For example, ProMotion is far from perfect. There's an issue that seems to cause the keyboard to glitch when typing, and a couple of apps I use seem to crash on first loading and which need a second tap to work properly (not sure who to blame for that one).

Social media and Apple's support forum both seem devoid of any real showstopper. There's the predictable shouts of "iOS is destroying my battery," but life wouldn't be complete without that, and even on that front, things seem quieter than usual.

In my testing, battery life is as good, if not better, than it was under later releases of iOS 14.

Now that Apple has stopped signing downloads of iOS 15, this only leaves iOS 14.8 and iOS 15.0.1, and to me it seems that if you've been holding out for stability, now's the time to make that leap.

But more change is on the way in the form of iOS 15.1, which I'd expect to land this side of Halloween. While we have a pretty good clue of the treats this has in store for us -- SharePlay and some camera tweaks -- who knows what sort of tricks it may have in store.

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