CD copying war heats up

As record labels increasingly turn to anti-copying technologies for music CDs, battle is being waged in the US over the issue. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Celine Dion disc could crash European PCs
Fri 5 Apr:
Sony is releasing a copy-protected version of Celine Dion's latest album in Europe, using technology that won't allow it to be played on computers Copy protection could be built into hardware
Mon 25 Mar:
Microsoft researchers jump into the tussle between Hollywood and hardware makers over anti-copying protection, saying software alone isn't enough to lock out pirates New CD protection won't play on PCs
Wed 6 Mar:
In the next stage of the battle to prevent illegal CD copying, digitally protected discs are being released with songs that won't play on PCs Universal copy-protected CD shuns media players
Wed 19 Dec:
Copy-protection on a music CD means it can only be played through Windows using a specific audio player UK buyers fume over copy-protected CD
Tues 20 Nov:
BMG has been forced to issue replacement CDs after copy protection on the latest Natalie Imbruglia causes problems for consumers Sites spotlight reports of copy-protected CDs
Tues 13 Nov:
UK and US sites are listing music CDs with the latest controversial copy-protection Michael Jackson rocks the copy-protection world
Tues 25 Sept:
Sony has used a copy-protection measure on Michael Jackson's CD to prevent people from making digital copies Copy lock shuts out music pirates
Wed 5 Sept:
Bertelsmann's Sonopress will use new technology to try and prevent illegal copying of music CDs The day the music (CD) died
Tues 7 Aug:
New discs will cut down on music piracy and bring benefits to the consumer, claims InterTrust Snap, crackles and pops aim to stop CD piracy
Thurs 19 July:
Copyright-protected CDs are already on the market. But Macrovision won't say which labels are using its technology, which adds clicks and pops when music files are copied to PCs
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