CeBIT 98: Alcatel GSM smartphone packs stylus touchscreen

Telecommunications company, Alcatel, claims it has produced the world's first pocket-sized smartphone.

The One Touch COM, combines a personal organiser, Internet access, email and a GSM mobile phone into one unit weighing 230g which, says the company, is 167g lighter than rival product, the Nokia 9000i Communicator.

The One Touch measures 151x62x24mm and holds up to 350Kb of data: about 100 emails, 600 appointments and 300 contacts. A stylus pen lets users jot down notes and save them on the 80x40mm touch screen during a call.

The phone integrates with a PC and can synchronise and update information between itself and the Personal Information Management (PIM) software via serial cable or infra-red. It supports SMTP, POP3, and SMS short messages.

The unit is expected to cost around £250 when it launches next month.