CeBIT 98: Creative Labs previews "environmental audio"

Creative Labs is previewing its first, 2nd generation sound card at CeBIT tomorrow with a PCI solution that drives up to eight speakers, including a sub-woofer.

The SB Live! uses Creative's EMU10K1 processor to produce what the company terms, "environmental audio." Franco De Bonis, Creative's product support manager explained: "The EMU10K1 is a bit like a DSP (digital signal processor) and is about as powerful as a Pentium180 but it is totally devoted to sound effects."

The chip uses a technique called, "environmental modelling," to check the acoustics in a room, thus offering the best sound quality. "You tell the computer (via an interface) how big the room is, whether it's full of soft furnishings etc. and the chip works out the best sound pattern for you," said De Bonis.

At CeBIT, the SB Live! will be showing off its capabilities in a jungle room and a space simulation room, both using eight speakers.

The SB Live! is expected to arrive by August, costing around £200. It supports Windows driver model (WDM) as well as DirectX

Creative Labs is at Stand E32 in Hall 9

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