CeBIT 98: Intel - A taste of things to come

The evolution and future of the Intel microprocessor and platform will be presented by the company's senior VP, Dr. Albert Yu, at CeBit this afternoon.

Yu will demonstrate the forthcoming PII 350Mhz which is due next month, as well as a first look at the Pentium II for "Slot 2".

But perhaps the most interesting preview will be Intel's IA-64 technology: in other words Merced, scheduled for production on Intel's 0.18 micron process in 1999. Yu will demonstrate how Merced uses a new design philosophy called EPIC (Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing) which, says the company, "overcomes the performance limits of traditional processor architectures," while maintaining compatibility with applications designed for 32-bit architectures.

Yu will also demonstrate the Celeron processor which is being aimed at the "Basic PC market", scheduled for release in Q2.