Chernobyl - The Stories Keep Coming In

Well we got it here as well. The Chernobyl variant of the CIH virus threatened to close down the world yesterday but thanks for the most part to anti-virus software, business carried on as usual.

The 'hard disk crusher' virus that infects a computer's BIOS, claimed its first UK victim yesterday as it infected up to 200 campus computers at an unnamed college, according to anti-virus company Network Associates.

The industry's optimism that casualties in Europe would be small was rewarded. Little of the widespread destruction forecast in past weeks came to fruition. However, hundreds of cases were reported in other parts of the world:

- Malaysia's stock exchange felt the effects as 12 of the country's 60 brokerages caught the bug

- South African Police watched 140 workstations disintegrate in a morning

- Singapore alone reported over 200 hundred corporates with CIH problems

The Western World is not entirely innocent, however.

- No names, but we hear from a data recovery service that a French bank woke up to find 40,000 workstations in tatters

- In Boston College, US, students preparing for final exams found a term's worth of paper had been erased after failing to heed warnings from their computer science department

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