City firms warned of hackers in disguise

Watch out for temps and TrojansPolice have warned city firms to beware of hackers attempting to infiltrate their companies and sabotage their computer systems in the run up to anti-capitalist demonstrations in London on Mayday.

Firms were warned by Inspector Norman Russell -- top ranking crime prevention officer with City police -- to be especially vigilant when taking on temporary staff in an interview with the London Evening Standard, published Monday.

Russell says: "We are advising these institutions to watch out for people taking jobs for a few weeks with the intention of infiltrating the systems and preparing them for hacking attack."

Companies have been told that those applying for temporary work are a particular threat and to carefully inspect employee references of in the run up to May 1.

Saboteurs could theoretically gain unauthorised access to computer networks and cause damage by placing a Trojan horse programs within a company firewall. They could also hide an application on the network timed to attack the computer system during May's demonstrations.

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