Climate scientist and his East Anglia university in deeper trouble

Investigations following the East Anbglia hacking show data cover-up for years.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

There are now reports that the former director of the East Anglia climate research unit may have tampered with data. That has led to press speculation that he will never resume his official duties at the University of East Anglia. There's an on-going official investigation of the hacked emails and the research done at East Anglia. Emails there were hacked and posted on the Internet last year.

A left-wing paper with no doubts about the reality of climate change writes that the professor in question may have hidden data to protect a paper he'd published in 1990. That paper apparently reached incorrect conclusions based on mangled data. The paper goes on to call for resignations at the East Anglia university.

In addition to the embattled professor, his university is being accused of hiding data that should have been made public under Freedom of Information regs. All universities in Britain are publicly financed and controlled by the national government.

There is still no definite evidence on when or how the hacking took place. One top British scientist today claimed the hacking was done by "spies." He went on to say it was clearly done to derail Copenhagen's climate talks in December.

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