"Cloud computing": What is it exactly?

Wall Street Journal comments on cloud computing
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor on

While doing my morning news scan, I came across the article 'Cloud Computing': What Exactly Is It, Anyway? By Roger Cheng of the Wall Street Journal. Although not an attempt to establish a complete framework, the article is likely to be helpful to business people.

Analysts, on the other hand, like to create a more complete description that broadly defines a topic and examines the components. The Cloud Codex has been very useful for 451 Research subscribers because it is comprehensive.

We're well beyond the definitional phase of research and are starting to delve more deeply into use cases, best and worst practices as well as trying to understand what over 200 suppliers are doing in this area.

At first glace, cloud computing appears to just be a rehash of past IT stories.  We tend to think that it is an important trend that needs focused attention.

What do you think? Is cloud computing an overused, over-hyped marketing catch phrase or an important trend?

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