Cloud platform player Voxel pledges unparalled transparency about power consumption

Transparency is a big deal for cloud computing platform company Voxel, which allows clients to track power consumption in real time.

Transparency. Not just about pricing and stuff like that, but also about your energy usage. That's one of the benefits being touted by green cloud computing company Voxel dot Net -- green in the start-up-ish sense AND green in the environmental sense.

One of the features of Voxel's VoxCLOUD service (which has been beta-testing over the past several months) is the ability to track consumption trends in real time, which is something that businesses are increasingly being asked to monitor. Think about it: Why should you be any less able to track your energy consumption for an off-premise offering than you would be asked to be about an on-premise offering.

Raj Dutt, founder and CEO of the New York-based company (which was recently ranked among the top 15 percent of companies on Inc.'s annual fastest-growing private companies list), says that when you sell capacity, the amount of power that capacity uses really matters. Since other players in the cloud space don't readily talk about the consumption of their servers or what they are doing to keep them as green as possible (hello Amazon?), Voxel figures it will use this as a competitive selling point. Incidently, if the Inc. nod wasn't enough to get your attention, Voxel shows up on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure Services report. The company uses one of the efficient platforms possible, the Intel Core i7 Processor series, on which to build its platforms.

Of course, being green isn't the only thing that Voxel has going for it. Another big focus is its ability to support serious live-streaming video applications as well as its proprietary global IP network, which includes 16 hosting and POP locations in America, Europe and Asia. Some of the company's clients include eBay, Hasbro, Porsche Cars of America, Time Inc., PerezHilton, DailyKos and SportsBlogs.