Colubris CEO departs

The company that supplies Wi-Fi equipment to aircraft manufacturers, among others, has lost its chief executive

Wi-Fi vendor Colubris has lost its chief executive. Bob Eisenberg, who ran Colubris for less than a year, has stepped down "for personal reasons", leaving the company in the hands of Chris Koeneman and Roger Sands, the vice presidents of sales and engineering, until a replacement is found.

Among the projects that Colubris has been involved in is the Connexion by Boeing airborne Wi-Fi service, which was cancelled in August.

Eisenberg's departure has nothing to do with the Connexion project, said Colubris' director of marketing, Carl Blume, as the company has plenty of other airborne irons in the fire. "The loss of Connexion is very insignificant," he said. "The Connexion project revenue has already been offset by wins in other airframe projects, such as the Airbus A380 project."

Airborne Wi-Fi is just part of the transport sector, one of five vertical markets that Colubris serves. The company has had record growth for the last two quarters, outperforming the business goals that Eisenberg set, said Blume. IT is expanding in the enterprise, and providing equipment through Alcatel to telecoms operators who want to use Wi-Fi to converge fixed and mobile phones.

"Wi-Fi on board aircraft is not just for giving passengers access to the Internet," said Blume. "There are lots of other applications." For example, the Airbus A380 will use Wi-Fi to serve seatback viewing screens, he said. As well as allowing multiple services, Wi-Fi will also save fuel by reducing the weight of cabling that an aircraft must carry.