Comdex '99: Ericsson unveils first Bluetooth product

Lightweight wireless headset works up to 10 metres away from phone
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Ericsson has announced its first consumer Bluetooth product.

Unveiled at Comdex '99 in Las Vegas this week, Ericsson's Bluetooth Headset is the first hands-free device to incorporate Bluetooth technology, using it to connect the headset to a mobile phone.

A Bluetooth radio chip is built in to the wireless Headset that acts as a connector between it and the phone. Users will be able to answer a ringing phone by pressing a key on the headset, or make a call by pressing a key and using voice recognition to initiate the call.

Weighing 20g, the Headset works up to 10 metres away from the phone. It is compatible with Ericsson T28, T28 World and R320 handsets. Ericsson expects to begin shipping the device in mid-2000.

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