Comdex '99: Everex dumps WinCE

Decides against colour-screen and monochrome Windows handhelds, saying market is not mature

Another Windows CE product has been dumped, this time by Everex. The company announced plans for its colour-screen Freestyle 540 in March but confirmed at this week's Comdex it will not deliver the product to market.

Everex has also abandoned its planned monochrome device based on CE, blaming a lack of interest.

The news is not good for Microsoft: Everex is the third company this year to abandon CE after Philips and LG decided to opt out of the PDA arena, both claiming it is an immature market. In truth however 3Com's Palm Computing is cleaning up.

On Monday Sony announced a cross-licensing deal with Palm that promises a broader reach for the OS. Sony will incorporate Palm into an undisclosed range of consumer products while 3Com integrates Sony's Memory Stick technology into its handheld devices.

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