Comdex '99: SuSE previews Linux 6.3

Packs even more into new, easy-to-install release, and puts it all on DVD

German Linux distributors SuSE have taken the wraps of the 6.3 version of their Linux distribution featuring a new easy-to-use graphical installation process and DVD availability.

This new and improved version of SuSE Linux will not be officially available until 19 November, although the folks at Comdex have been given a sneak preview of the new-look install process, the new kernel and 230 new applications that are to come as standard.

SuSE Linux is already a monster of an operating system with a maximum install 5Gb of over 1500 applications on no less than six separate CDs. Version 6.3 will nevertheless add StarOffice 5, Hummingbird Excced, and games demos including "Civilization -- Call to Power" and "Railroad Tycoon II". The install is also available on DVD for the first time.

The new distribution will feature more support for graphics hardware as well as improved security characteristics such as new firewall scripts, a fresh kernel module and improved securmod.

Another novelty is phone support: the new will see SuSE providing international support for a limited period.

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