Comdex: The pick of the crop

Whether they're revolutionary, or just hyper-effective, these are the creme de la creme of the products shown at Comdex Fall 2000

If you want to know which kit was hot at Comdex, here's ZDNet UK's recommendations, all the way from Las Vegas:


  • Winner: nVidia GeForce2Go

  • Runner up: Cyberbank Cybird/PC-EPhone)


  • Winner: Ricochet (OmniSky/National Semiconductor)

  • Runner up: myPalm


  • Winner: Compaq MP2800 Mobile Projector

  • Runner up: Xerox Phaser 1235


  • Winner: Virtual Access Networks The Van (Enterprise Edition)

  • Runners up: Prisa VisualSAN and Cygron DataScope


  • Winner: Gateway Connected TouchPad with Instant AOL

  • Runner up: Olympus Camedia E-10

Vision of the Future

  • Winner: The Tablet PC (the concept, rather than a product)

  • Runner up: Anoto

See full coverage at ZDNet UK's Comdex Special.

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