Compaq unveils new OpenVMS for e-business

Compaq Computer Asia Pacific announced new OpenVMS operating system software products and capabilities designed to enable users to meet the requirements of their e-business environment.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor
Compaq Computer Asia Pacific announced new OpenVMS operating system software products and capabilities designed to enable users to meet the requirements of their e-business environment.

SINGAPORE - Compaq released its latest version of its operating system (OpenVMS V7.3), which delivers new RAS (reliability/availability/scalability) capabilities, as well as new additions to Compaq's Galaxy software architecture to support the new Compaq AlphaServer GS Series systems.

New e-business-related products and technologies include:

  • Compaq Secure Web Server V1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha - a Web server based on the Apache Web Server which provides 128-bit encryption technology, standard Apache extensions and Java and Perl scripting support.
  • Compaq Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) Standard Edition v1.2.2 for OpenVMS Alpha - provides technology from Sun Microsystems to develop and deploy Java applications on OpenVMS Alpha.
  • Compaq Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS Alpha - a Windows 2000-compatible enterprise file and print server for the OpenVMS operating system which provides Windows desktops with services through OpenVMS clustering.
  • Attunity Connect "On Platform" Package for OpenVMS - object-oriented middleware which facilitates the development of applications that access, integrate, and update data from multiple, heterogeneous sources across a range of operating system platforms.
  • OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness - provides directory information services to end-users, applications and software developers.
  • Compaq TCP/IP Services V5.1 for OpenVMS - provides interoperability and resource sharing among other systems running OpenVMS, UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and others that support TCP/IP and NFS.
  • Compaq DECforms Web Connector V3.0 - a layered software product that provides transparent Web access to existing interactive applications.
  • Reliable Transaction Router V4.0 - provides customers with an object oriented interface, Web-based system management, and transaction shadow performance enhancements.
  • CD-ROM for OpenVMS eBusiness Infrastructure - an alternative to downloading products from the Web, which is fully licensed and supported as part of the OpenVMS operating system.
  • Compaq DECram V3.0 for OpenVMS - a disk device driver that improves I/O performance by allowing an OpenVMS system manager to create pseudo disks (RAMdisks) which reside in main memory.

    New business developments announced today are:

  • Compaq and Cerner ASP Agreement - Compaq and Cerner Corporation, a developer of clinical and management information systems, have entered into a five-year, multi-million dollar agreement through which Compaq will provide its AlphaServer systems with StorageWorks products and its OpenVMS operating system for use in Cerner's new Application Server Provider (ASP) Central Data Center.
  • Compaq OpenVMS Educational License Program - available to all educational institutions around the world, it provides single user licenses for the OpenVMS operating system and many layered products to an unlimited number of students, faculty and administrators in each registered institution.
  • OpenVMS portal - will provide OpenVMS operating system users with an easy way to find information about OpenVMS products and services, buy OpenVMS products through the Web, train employees on the OpenVMS operating system, and search for people with OpenVMS expertise.
  • Expanded global systems integration program - Compaq will be recruiting new vendors to deliver OpenVMS solutions.
  • DII COE Certification - Compaq will actively seek certification per the Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE) set of standards and guidelines to reach new customers in the U.S. government marketplace.
  • Compaq & Digital Press Agreement - Compaq and Digital Press will continue to enhance their working relationship to update existing Digital Press OpenVMS titles, generate new titles, and carry out joint marketing activities such as cross-promotion through their respective channel partners. Both parties are already working together to develop future products and investigate Web-based delivery.
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